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It’s no surprise that Amazon is an e-commerce giant, amassing 150.6 million mobile users who frequently scroll through the app in search of products. Small and medium-sized businesses can thrive on the retail platform, selling about 4000 items per minute through the site or app.

With so many buyers purchasing items by the minute, product returns are a common occurrence. Amazon has always offered customers a liberal return policy, making it even more flexible during periods of greater sales. However, this can come at a cost for sellers.

Items bought on Amazon can be returned for various reasons. These may range from damaged goods and receiving the wrong item to accidental orders and the product being different from the description. Whatever the reason, the lax return policy means the seller stands to incur losses—even when you’re not at fault!

Luckily, you can turn these FBA return into profits. Here’s how.

Late return reimbursements

When a buyer requests an item return, you can’t refuse it. That means they have up to 30 days to return the product to you in order to receive a refund.

However, if they go over the 30-day limit, you may receive some reimbursement to make up for it. Amazon lets you recoup some of the sale prices—up to 20% in some cases—to make up for returns that aren’t made in a timely manner.

Act fast

As soon as the product does arrive, it’s best to stop the returns pile from growing. Sifting through the products will allow you to find items that can be salvaged and ones that are beyond repair.

Knowing what could be profitable will help you get rid of many of the returned items that are gathering dust—and warehouse expenses. Conduct an inventory of what was sent back to ensure all items are returned soon so you can report any missing items.

A warehouse worker placing a box of returned Amazon packages


Items that have been damaged during transit, by the customer, or are just not in sellable condition need to be donated or discarded. The remaining items that are able to be resold can be re-listed on your Seller Central account.

Since Amazon expects sellers to follow strict protocols regarding item condition, the item you’re reselling should be unopened or in pristine condition. Consumable items aren’t usually resalable, but unused electronics may be resold.

Enjoy hassle-free product return services

Product returns can be disheartening, but they offer you the chance to earn back what you’ve lost. Our product return services are geared toward making the process smoother, cost-effective, and efficient for you.

FBAPrep4U automatically removes returned items from your account and decides how to move forward. We offer competitive rates to receive, scrutinize, prepare, and dispose of the items according to their condition.

Managing product returns has never been easier than with FBAPrep4U. We want to help you make product returns profitable!

Visit our website to learn more about our product fulfillment solutions, FBA preparation, and Amazon consulting services. Call us at (614) 392-8850 to get started.

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