On September 1st 2022 we will be implementing a $50 per invoice minimum. If your order does not total $50 in fees you will be charged the $50 minimum.

Wholesale FBA Product Prep Services (No Arbitrage) Flat-rate all-inclusive pricing:

For new items originating from a manufacturer/ supplier/distributor NOT a retailer:

 $0.80 per unit for a single unit

$1.25 per bundle (up to 6 items bundled together) - Excludes Books

$2.50 for 7 - 12 units bundled together

What is Included:

All inclusive means, receiving, inspection, labeling, poly bagging, bubble wrapping, boxing for shipment and palletizing for shipment into FBA.

We only deal with Amazon Size Tiers: Small Standard and Large Standard

The all inclusive fee includes all Amazon or reasonable requirements.

- If Amazon requires bubble wrap, it is included.

- If the item is glass or liquid, bubble wrap or poly bagging is included.

- We have no pallet receiving fee, no boxing fee, etc.

We will use your Amazon account to ship items to FBA so actual shipping charges will be charged though your Amazon Seller Central account.

What is NOT Included:

- Please Note: We do not provide prep services for multi-packs of glass bottles containing liquid.

- We do not prep items from retailers or liquidators.

- Small oversized items are not automatically eligible for our all-inclusive rates. Please contact us before ordering prep services. We will quote these items separately.

- Books are priced differently, see below.

- We do not work with items from retailers (Walmart, Target, Ebay, etc.)

- We do not create the Amazon inventory listing for you

- We do not work with Amazon's Size Tier of Medium Oversize, Large Oversize or Special Oversize

Examples of abusing the All-inclusive pricing:

- If you have a plastic item that Amazon does not require bubble wrap then it is considered an extra request and we will not bubble wrap it under the all inclusive flat-rate. 

- If you have general items like bagged food (cereal, nuts, trail mix etc.) or cans we do not include poly bagging or bubble wrapping in the all inclusive rate.

To add these unnecessary materials to your order would incur the $0.50 per unit resource intensive adder for the units where it is requested.

Items we consider "Resource Intensive" will incur a $0.50 per unit adder.

The adder will not be charged without prior notice.

- If a single unit uses more materials than a normal bundle. For example, 3+ feet of bubble wrap per unit plus void fill and multiple stickers.

Contact us at info@FBAPrep4u.com for extra requests or to see if your items would be considered resource intensive.


Kitting is $2.50 per unit

Kitting is a project where different items are pulled together into a sellable unit and extra items are provided by the customer like boxes, inserts, branding stickers, specific packaging, branded tape, etc are required. All items for the kit must be provided by the customer, with the exception of basic prep materials, which are included in the price (if necessary).

Removal Order Processing

Removal Order Processing is $1.50 per unit

For Amazon removal orders here is the normal process:

- You place the removal order from Amazon to send the items to our facility

- When the items begin to arrive (normally 1-2 days after you place the removal order) we will place them on a pallet for you and keep an eye on the flow of boxes coming in.
- When that flow of boxes slows down or stops (can take weeks for this to occur) then we will start processing all the items.
- We will provide you an inventory for what we received, photos of any product that had damage, and get direction from you. We will then complete any work and send all re-labeled like-new items back into FBA for you.
- You will need to determine what you want done with all of the damaged items, and check your Seller Central account for items that Amazon placed back into active inventory from your removal order and re-send any stragglers to us.
- Please be aware that on 95% of these types of projects we receive different quantities and styles and products than were requested in the removal order. Sometimes it is more, most of the time it is less.

Books (100 unit per order minimum)

New Single Books: $1.00 per unit

We do not process Book Bundles (i.e. book series sent to us as individual books)

We do not process used books.

We do not process Arbitrage books (purchased from Ebay etc.)

Storage Fees

We will hold your items in storage for a $15 minimum for up to 5 cubic feet (e.g. most FBM is $10 a month)
If you send more than 3 cartons (greater than 5 cubic feet) it is enough to place on a pallet and we charge:

- $50 per pallet per month

This is a flat-rate and not prorated. If your items stack higher than 6 ft (total of 80 Cubic feet) then we will allocate another pallet for you at the same rates.

This will be billed at the end of each month.

Please Note: Any items in storage for more than 3 months without payment of storage fees will be disposed of at our discretion. Every attempt will be made to connect with you before this happens.

Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) services:

Standard size: $2.00 per fulfilled unit + monthly storage fees

Included Packaging:

- 6x10 Bubble Mailer OR

- 6x6x4 Box OR

-10x7x3.5 Box OR

- 19x15 Opaque Mailer Bag

For items that do not fit in the above packaging sizes or need extra protection, materials will be billed at cost.

*We conform to Amazon size tiers, you can find here.

$50 Per Order Minimum

$50 minimum per invoice is required. You can combine smaller supplier orders into a
single prep order to reach the $50 minimum. If your order does not total $50 in
fees you will be charged the $50 minimum

Other Services

Photography Services (for Ungating) - $5 per product -  up to 5 photos per SKU (not meant for main Amazon listing photo)

General Receiving Service - $0.40 per unit. This is for items that arrive in our facility without any other services requested.

There is another $0.40 per unit Pick-pack and ship fee to pull these items from inventory and send elsewhere.

Return to Supplier Service:

$0.80 per single unit or $1.25 per bundle. This tier is for items that are damaged in transit or incorrect from the supplier. The fee should be the same as originally paid for FBA prep services. No further invoicing will be incurred.

Discard Fee: $0.15 per unit

Please Note: Any items in storage for more than 3 months without payment of storage fees will be disposed of at our discretion. Every attempt will be made to connect with you before this happens.