FBA Product Prep Services Flat-rate all-inclusive pricing:

 $0.80 per unit for a single unit

$1.25 per unit for bundles (up to 12 items bundled together)

What is Included:

All inclusive means, receiving, inspection, labeling, poly bagging, bubble wrapping, boxing and physically ship into FBA.

The all inclusive fee includes all Amazon or reasonable requirements. If Amazon requires bubble wrap, it is included. If the item is glass or liquid, bubble wrap or poly bagging is included.

We have no pallet receiving fee, no boxing fee, etc.

We will use your Amazon account to ship items to FBA so actual shipping charges will be charged though your Amazon Seller Central account.

What is NOT Included:

If you have a plastic item that Amazon does not require bubble wrap then it is considered an extra request and we will not bubble wrap it under the all inclusive flat-rate. 

If you would like us to box your bundled items as individual sellable units you must provide the boxes and there will be an extra $0.50 charge per unit.

Contact us at info@FBAPrep4u.com for extra requests or pricing for bundles over 12 items.

Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) services:

Standard size: $1.50 per fulfilled unit + storage fees

Oversize: $1.50 per unit + shipping box cost + storage fees

*We conform to Amazon size tiers, you can find here.

*Our storage fees are always a 25% discount off of Amazon’s storage fees but we do not charge Long Term Storage Fees.

Amazon Product Return Services

$0.20 per unit fee for all received items regardless of condition

$1.25 per unit for items that are prepped and sent back into Amazon.

(This can be used, refurbished, or new depending on condition)

Items that are not fit for resale will be disposed of or donated to charity at your request

$50 Monthly minimum

$50 monthly minimum is for new customers that have a small volume for the services they require. This $50 is billed at the beginning of the month and all services rendered go towards this minimum. For example, if you have services totaling $20.50 for the month, no further payment is required beyond the initial $50 charge. If the services rendered, total over $50 the overage will be billed separately. If you consistently go over $50 in service charges the $50 minimum does not apply and you will be charged per order.

Other Services

$5 per product - Low Resolution Photography Services up to 5 photos per SKU (not meant for main Amazon listing photo)

$50 per product - High resolution, white background photography for main listing product photo that meets Amazon's requirements. Does not include Photoshop, models, scenes/props etc.

Return Service - Products returned to the supplier will still incur all prep fees originally paid for those items. This is due to the time, handling and labor associated with receiving, inspecting, communicating with the customer about the issues, gathering RMA information, boxing and shipping items. 

Coaching Services

First session is free

After the initial session, subsequent calls are billed in 15 minute increments:

$15 – 15 Minutes

$25 – 30 Minutes

$50 – 1 Hour

Email questions can be purchased in packages:

$15 – 3 emails (limited to 1 question per email)

$50 – Month of email questions (Not to excess. I will let you know if you are reaching too high volume/complexity and need to switch to hourly rate)