Don’t know what to do with Customer Returns? We do! Let us help.

Product Return Services

Amazon has an incredibly lax return policy. Good for customers, bad for your bottom line. Keep losses from returns to a minimum with return services. All you need to do is give us permission to set up automatic removal of unsellable items from your seller central account. Then, every week, Amazon will send us the items that were returned.

Cost is $50 per month, up to 25 returned units.

For like-new products that have been scrutinized to make sure they meet Amazon’s high-quality criteria they will be prepped and re-listed on Amazon. (We cannot guarantee that electronic items function as expected as a part of the return item process)

All other items that are categorized as broken will be disposed of and no other fee will be required. If appropriate, the items may be donated to local charities at your request.

We can also ship items back to you using your account if requested.

Once we receive an item from Amazon we will go through our Return process:

1. Identify which Amazon storefront the items belong to.

2. Conduct an inventory of what was sent

3. Categorize all items:

- Able to be resold

- Can be donated but not resold

- Broken and cannot be salvaged

4. Process items according to category. For re-sale all items will be refurbished to the best of our ability (not including electronic items) 

5. Communicate what was received and how we proceeded based on product condition.

6. An initial non-refundable $50 monthly minimum will be billed and all returns that come in will be deducted from this amount. If there are more than 25 returns in a given month another roll-over $50 will be invoiced and can roll-over into the following month.