FBA Packaging Services

Full product prep services for a single flat rate. Sit back and relax, we’ve got this.

$0.80 per unit for single units and

$1.25 per sellable unit for bundles

What do you get for the flat rate?

We can receive New products from any distributer/supplier. No used or return mixed pallets can be processed using this service. Shipments can be via FexEx, UPS, DHL, USPS or LTL pallet delivery.

Once we receive the goods, we go through our multi-step process:

Receive shipment Visual inspection of delivery before sign-off with driver Compare shipment with online order - Verify prep order was placed (Yep, we were expecting you!)

Prep work will not begin on any products until the initial order is placed and paid for.

Communicate that shipment arrived Open boxes, count units, compare what was received to prep order Communicate quantity received, any over or under count and any damaged items if applicable.

- Look for and record expiration date for any grocery or health and beauty item

- For large shipments, split into logical chunks for more efficient processing.

Create shipping plan in your Seller Central account.

- Verify all product listings are in your seller central inventory

-Create listings if necessary – (will match current low price). Use our Nomenclature for SKU naming: Supplier-Product Description-Size-Sellable Unit Cost (For example: EED-MarvelThorFigure-6in-5.69)

Communicate with you if listings are gated in your account.

- Transfer those products to storage services until you have successfully ungated.

- Communicate with you if products are no allowed in FBA. Transfer those products to FBM Services

Verify Amazon requirements for all products (labeling, poly bagging, bubble wrap, etc.) Print FNSKU labels Verify and approve Amazon distribution center shipments Print out SKU List for each shipment Prep all units according to Amazon requirements

- If Manufacturer barcode tracking is allowed, make sure that barcode is visible and it is clear units are individual and not bundled. (Lesson Learned: We’ve had FBA send a customer 50 units instead of a single unit because we expected them to recognize the difference. We know now to be extremely clear in what is a unit when sending into FBA)

- If FNSKU is required, use FNSKU sticker to cover any current UPC barcode

- If Polybag is required, then a suffocation warning will either be printed on the bag or an additional sticker with the suffocation warning will be added.

- If both polybag and FNSKU are required then a decision will be made on where to place the FNSKU sticker for best visibility with least risk of the sticker peeling off while still obscuring other barcodes as needed.

- If Bubble wrap is required then care will be made with regards to barcode visibility.

Prepped units will then be boxed according to Amazon shipping SKU list.

**Secondary quality control check will occur at this stage to make sure all products are correctly labeled and meet all of Amazon’s requirements**

Each box will be weighed and measured. We will log into your seller central and enter all information for each shipment, including product expiration date where applicable (If the product expiration date is within 3 months Amazon will not allow FBA storage. These products will be converted to FBM Services and we will communicate that to you) Product able to be shipped UPS will have labels printed from Seller Central. Both FBA and UPS labels will be added to each box and shipped.

- Products not able to be shipped UPS will be sent USPS. If this occurs we will need you to provide access to your ShipStation.com account where you have enabled billing to your credit card for postage. We will then print the FBA label from Seller Central, the USPS label from ShipStation.com and the place the USPS tracking number into Seller Central. All boxes will then be shipped via USPS.

- For large shipments (over 150 lbs) that are not time sensitive we can build pallets for LTL Shipment. This normally takes longer for products to be received at FBA but can be cost saving at a certain volume. We will make this determination and let you know if it will be to your advantage on a given shipment.

Communicate that products have been shipped and the order complete.