FBM Services

Selling product that Amazon doesn’t allow in FBA or selling via some other platform and need US based warehousing and shipping services? Look no further, we’ve got you covered!

For FBM Services:
Fulfilled by Merchant or (FBM) is where we hold your inventory and ship the product to the customer using the shipping feature in your Amazon Seller Central Account. You will need to give us permission to update your notification preferences so we get an email each time you sell a product. We will then pick, pack and ship that item directly to your customer.
FBM Pricing is $1.50 per unit plus monthly storage fees. All monthly storage fees are a 25% discount off Amazon’s FBA storage fees. (e.g. If Amazon charges $0.69 per cubic foot per month we charge $0.52 per cubic foot per month)
FBM Process
1. Item is shipped to our facility from your supplier
2. The item is received, inspected and inventoried
3. We communicate to you what was received and its condition
4. You will need to list the product on Amazon as Fulfilled by Merchant, input the quantity on hand and your price.
5. When a customer orders the product we will receive a “Ship Now” email from Amazon.
6. We will pick the item out of inventory and package it for shipping.
7. Using your Seller Central Account we will pay for shipping to the customer and print the shipping label.
a. All shipping times meet Amazon’s Service Level Agreement (SLA). Items ordered Monday – Friday before 3:00 pm Eastern time will be shipped same day. Ordered after 3:00 pm Eastern time will be shipped next day. Items ordered after 3:00 on Friday or on the weekends will normally have shipping labels printed within 24 hours but not be given to UPS or USPS until Monday morning.
8. Monthly you will receive an invoice for storage fees and all per-unit FBM charges