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If you’ve recently set up your seller account on Amazon, the first thing you’ll want to explore are the delivery options for your products. There are two ways products can be sent to your customers: FBA and FBM. Today, we’re looking at FBM—a choice that has become increasingly popular in today’s world.

What is it?

FMB stands for Fulfilled By Merchant. It refers to orders that are fulfilled by the seller themselves instead of going through Amazon’s delivery system. This includes handling, packaging, labeling, and shipping all the orders that come in.

FBM differs from MFN (Merchant Fulfillment Network) in a few ways. While both of them are product fulfillment techniques, they rely on different sources. The Merchant Fulfillment Network involves shipping products directly from your home or warehouse. Conversely, Fulfilled By Merchant often includes working with a third-party service provider to handle the process for you.

How does it work?

Want to do away with paying Amazon to store your inventory and handle shipping processes at a service fee? FBM is a viable alternative. Sellers can take control and work with third-party services to provide the affordable and seamless service they need.

Fulfilled by Merchant follows a simple process of bringing your products from the production facility to the warehouse and, finally, at your customer’s doorstep.

After you’ve found a third-party FBM prep and service provider, they’ll take charge of your inventory storage, picking, packing, and shipping. Here’s how it works:

  • Your supplier sends the products to the warehouse storage facility of the FBM service provider
  • The inventory is inspected and stored safely in the warehouse until orders come in. The quantity and prices are listed on your Amazon Seller Central account.
  • You’ll need to provide the FMB service provider access to your email notifications every time you sell a product on Amazon
  • When the order is received by the FBM service provider, they’ll pick, pack, label, and ship the product to the customer.

     A warehouse worker stacking packages for FBM shipping

    Why it’s a good idea

    FBM is a great choice for new entrants and veteran Amazon sellers because it allows greater flexibility and control.

    Some of the benefits of using this service are:

      Greater profit margins

        You can pick competitively-priced FBM services that only charge minimal storage fees and per-unit FBM charges. This eliminates the hidden and additional fees you’d have to pay for the FBA services.

          Greater control

            When you’re working with a third-party service provider, you can rest assured that your best interests are considered. Constant, open communication with warehouse managers every step of the way ensure you’re always in the loop. The sort chain of command ensures you can have control over the operations.

              Expert services

                Working with an FBM service provider gives you the perfect middle ground for success. Instead of handling all the operations on your own, working with an experienced team who’ll follow the packing, labeling, and shipping guidelines ensures you and your customers receive exceptional service.

                Work with us

                FBAPrep4U offers custom solutions to every Amazon FBA seller’s warehousing and shipping needs. From FBA prep services to fulfillment by merchant, we’ve got you covered with affordable, hassle-free solutions!

                Our full suite of services includes inspection, pick and pack fulfillment, updating your Seller Central account, and custom shipping plans. If you’re looking for a 3rd party seller to look after your product Fulfillment by Merchant, contact us at 614-392-8850 to get started.

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